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Supplier and Service Provider Manual

The Manual of Suppliers and Service Providers defines the conduct that we assume that our Business Partners adopt in their relationship with society and with the A.Yoshii Group. Appropriate training measures are expected to be established by Business Partners to provide appropriate guidance to their managers and employees regarding the dictates of the Manual, laws, regulations and other integrity standards usually established.

Compliance Program 

The A.Yoshii Group's Compliance Program comprises the set of actions aimed at the prevention, detection and remediation of potential illegal acts and / or non-compliance with the guidelines adopted by the Group. In addition to being an element of governance, the Compliance Program is aligned with the Group's mission, vision and values, contributing positively to the dissemination and promotion of good management practices, as well as to the maintenance of a healthy corporate environment, transparent and ethical.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

The A.Yoshii Group Code of Conduct and Ethics is the mother standard, the major guideline that should guide all interactions made on behalf of the Group by its employees, suppliers and service providers. It brings the guiding lines that enabled the Group to achieve the notorious ethical reputation that precedes it.

Confidential Channel

Precisely because we value ethical uniformity in conducting our business, we make a Confidential Channel available to employees, third parties and society in general, implemented with the objective of assisting in the communication of possible violations of legislation, the Code of Conduct and Ethics, Policies or Group A. Yoshii Standards. Whistleblowers in good faith will be fully protected from any retaliation and / or punishment.

A A.Yoshii acredita que seus clientes são, antes de tudo, parceiros de negócio, e com base neste princípio, procura manter relacionamentos ativos, voltados a atendê-los continuamente e com muita eficiência.