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Our greatest asset is people, they are what make A.Yoshii Group one of the best companies to work for.

Valuing and developing our employees is part of our culture, here everyone has the same opportunity to learn and grow.

Our 55 years of work were built by everyone who, over this time, shared their stories with us. Check the testimony of our#AYlovers.

Together we are always more. Together we are A.Yoshii

Together we are A.Yoshii

Why join the A.Yoshii Group?

Volunteer work

Quality reference

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Mental Health Program

A.Yoshii Culture

With the A.Yoshii Institute, our employees are encouraged to do volunteer work.

We have been building dreams for 55 years and honoring our commitments, delivering high quality products.

We encourage and provide activities that promote the health and integration of teams, such as tournaments, street racing and pedaling.

We celebrate all the achievements and important moments, such as the end of the slab, the June party, the end of the year party and other celebrations.

We provide a relaxed and welcoming environment, being one of the best places to work in Brazil.

We value and care for everyone's well-being.
The psychology team is always available!

It is the energy that moves and unites us.
To understand, you need to be part of it!


We always seek to be a reference in good practices for preserving health, quality of life and safety at work. Thus, we offer our employees several benefits, as a way of showing recognition, affection and how much we value and care about everyone.

  • Food or meal vouchers;
  • Assistance in medicine and dentistry;
  • Life insurance and funeral assistance;
  • Own health service;
  • Christmas basket;
  • Benefits card (pharmacy and gas stations).

Training & Development

In order to contribute to the constant growth of our employees, the A.Yoshii Group has a robust Training & amp; Development, seeking the development of technical and behavioral skills and capabilities:

  • Scholarship (specialization courses);
  • Literacy program;
  • Mentoring program;
  • Coaching;
  • People Development Program;
  • Leader Development Program;
  • Professional courses;
  • Partnerships with universities.
Lean Construction
Lean Construction
360 ° Leadership Course
360 ° Leadership Course
People Development Program
People Development Program
Leader Development Program
Leader Development Program

Discover our Recruitment & Selection process

We are always looking for the best people to be part of our team and if you identify with the A.Yoshii Group, we want to meet you. What matters to us is who you are as a person, regardless of your color, age, gender or sexual orientation. Come and be part of the construction of our history!

1 Register

Register or update your resume on the website. If you prefer, you can register in one of our Human Resources Departments.

2 Contact

If the profile matches the vacancy, a person from our recruitment team will contact you. If it doesn't, don't be discouraged, your registration will continue in our database for future opportunities.

3 Tests

For some functions, specific tests are required, they can be sent by email or will be carried out at the time of the interview.

4 Interview

Some opportunities have more than one phase, rest assured, you will be informed at the beginning of the process.

5 Return

All candidates who participate in the interview process will receive feedback from our team.

6 Approved

Congratulations! Now you are part of one of the best companies to work for in Brazil.


At A.Yoshii Group we value people for their skills and respect all differences. Therefore, we focus on carrying out an inclusion and accessibility process for people with any type of disability. We support this cause!